Report Gender Based Violence

Introduction to the Helpline Service

The population data of Nepal shows that more than 51% of the total populations are women. Globally, out of 15 most affected countries by intimate partner or spouse induced violence, Nepal ranks in 14th place. Meanwhile, 33% of women in one way or another are emotionally and sexually exploited by their own husbands. However, it seems women are lagging behind in terms of access to the means and resources; distribution of rights and their application.

In response to this, the ‘Integrated Platform for Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response (IPGBVPR)’ project, under the leadership of National Women Commission, was initiated in 2016 in the form of an integrated response to gender based violence. This project has been provided financial aid from the World Bank. Additionally, CARE Nepal provided technical support. A major component of the project is to address gender-based violence through a helpline to provide services to girls and women who are the victims of or who are affected by gender-based violence.

Major Objectives of the Project

To operate the ‘Toll Free Helpline Service’ against the gender-based violence.

To make the services of National Women Commission more efficient, effective and easily accessible.

To increase awareness among the major stakeholders of gender-based violence.

Targeted Groups of the Project

The major targeted groups of this project are women and girls.