Report Gender Based Violence

"Out of 15 countries where intimate partner violence/ spouse abuse is very high, Nepal ranks in the 14th place."

– Sourceः World Bank

"66% of women, who have experienced physical or sexual violence, have not sought any kind of help and also to fight against or to prevent violence, they have never shared their experience with anyone."

– Sourceः Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2016

"In Nepal out of total women of age group 15-49 years, 22% of them have experienced physical violence since the age of 15 while 7% of them have experienced sexual violence."

– Sourceः Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2016

"34% of women who have experienced physical and sexual violence from their husband have faced injuries during the violence"

– Sourceः Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2016

"Since Ashar 2073 till Jestha 2074, 14093 cases of gender based violence against women and girls have been registered at Nepal Police, out of which 11652 are cases of domestic violence, 1139 are rape cases, 531 are cases of polygamy, 465 are cases of forced charge, 227 are cases of trafficking, 29 are cases of child marriage, 14 are cases of accession of witchcraft and 26 are cases of abortion. "

– Sourceः Nepal Police, 2074

"More than 50% of women and men consider physical assault done by husband to the wife to be normal."

– Sourceः United Nations Statistics Division-UNSD, 2015

"Worldwide at least 1 out of 3 women in her lifetime has experienced physical and sexual violence from the person she is familiar with."

– Sourceः World Health Organization, 2013

"Worldwide 35 % women in their life time have faced physical or sexual violence from their intimate partners/ spouses or any other person."

– Sourceः World Health Organization

"In accordance to the gender based violence survey conducted in Asia, 50% women have experienced physical and sexual violence from their intimate partners/ spouses."

– Source UN Women, 2013

"Only four countries (Sri-Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh) have laws to prohibit domestic violence."

– Sourceः UN Women, 2013

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Mohana Ansari
Mohana Ansari Respected member and Spokesperson, National Human Rights Commission

“Gender Based Violence is violation of Human Rights. Any one may be affected by this. Let’s unite to raise voice against it. -Khabar Garaun 1145”

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Dipak Bista
Dipak Bista Taekwondo Player

“Do you know about gender based violence? Are you a victim of GBV? To get necessary information and appropriate help, contact Helpline Service 1145 of National Women Commission.”

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Bhumika Shrestha
Bhumika Shrestha Transgender Human Rights Activist

“Conscious and responsible family devoid of any form of gender based violence is the basis for building a healthy society. Your small help can make an individual, a family and a society free from gender based violence.”

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